Blue Sky Chaplain Marian Johnson, M.A.

"I am one of God's dreamers and representatives.

I believe wholeheartedly that we are born

with beauty and a purpose, every one of us!

I am working diligently to take that message to the world!"  mjs


I am ordained Interfaith Minister and have my Masters of Arts in Christian Studies: Pastoral Ministry from Grand Canyon University. I also studied at Villanova University in Graduate Theology. I completed a Faith Immersion/Interfaith Training Program through the Greater Philadelphia Interfaith Center and LaSalle University. My undergraduate degree is in Psychology with a concentration in Education from Kutztown University. I have been working in the field of Human Development, Spirituality and Interfaith Awareness for the past 30 years and there is still so much to learn and to share.  I am very connected to angels and they assist me immensely in my spiritual work. I am a mother of two young adult children whom I love deeply.

The Blue Sky Chaplain website addresses my spiritual work and I also have a partnering website that I initiated and oversee: All for God International is a team effort that also promotes global harmony through Interfaith awareness and education. The All for God site is a social media site and interactive so take a look and you can be part of the interfaith community that we are building!

All for God International and several aspects of my Blue Sky Chaplain ministry are initiatives of FOCUS International (Friends of Children United to Save International), an international 501(c)3 organization whose site is found at

I have always believed that we are deeply spiritual beings. My counseling, music, programs and writing are all deeply rooted in that principle. Human beings strive to be loved and understood as much as they strive to achieve. In fact, many of our strivings are so that we can be "good enough" to be loved and acknowledged.

My work has always been to be the encourager, the confidante, the mentor. And this is who I find God to be for me and those I serve - God is the One who loves adamantly, furiously, gently, infinitely, mysteriously. My focus on working with individuals to find hope and insight through spiritual counseling has been very intense and I have had the privilege of assisting many people on their journey. 

"Nothing you will ever have and nothing you will ever do

will make you more important than you already are

in this very moment." mjs

MY MISSION for my entire life and especially for the last 30 years is to bring understanding, hope and healing to our world. I have shared spiritual experiences with people from many faiths, countries and walks of life. My greatest area of understanding is in the area of Children's and Adolescent Spirituality. I have served as the Interfaith Chaplain for children and adolescents in crisis at KidsPeace National Center for 18 years. KidsPeace is a residential facility for youth who must live away from their families due to various reasons. KidsPeace also has an acute care hospital for children and adolescents in intense need of help.

I have facilitated small groups, offer individual pastoral care and help coordinate interfaith education and services for the youth under my care. I have worked with many hundreds of children and adolescents while serving at KidsPeace National Center. I utilize various sacred texts, music, art, dance, prayer and other creative avenues to reach each child in the place where they are suffering and need to find their soul connection to God. Each child that I serve at KidsPeace and in my community work are dear to my heart. Some call me their "Spirit Mom' or "Guardian Angel Lady". My work with children has been featured in the national magazine "Healing".

The Morning Call Newspaper of the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania recently featured and article about my work with children. Milton Carrero, the Morning Call Health Writer, did an amazing job in truly capturing my approach to spirituality with adolescents and children. April Bartholomew was the photographer and Video Artist. You can see the complete article including the story, photographs and video here:,0,6544399.story

I have worked for many years as a Program Creator and Director for Friends of Children United to Save International with my initiative "Healing the Children" Project. I am fortunate enough to receive grant funding for my programs that focus on bringing children healing through expressive and creative art modalities. These programs promote spiritual growth and the building of friendships with children from diverse backgrounds, often from inner-city areas or other at-risk areas.

I have also visited many elementary schools with my concert, "A Time for Believing" and offered week-long Artist in Residencies to promote self-esteem, character development and diversity appreciation in young students through music and dialogue.

"Singing has been my haven throughout all the years.

When I sing, I am at home in my soul." mjs

I am also a Recording Artist and have been singing since I was a little girl. Singing is my haven and joy. I will sing for anyone at any time. Just the other evening, I noticed a family at a local diner celebrating a family birthday. The matriarch of the group was the birthday girl. "May I sing to you?" I asked. And she said "Yes!" and I sang the Happy Birthday song that I learned from Tom Chapin at one of his concerts. It has new words that are sung to the tune of "The Merry Widow's Waltz". And it made the woman and her family smile! Just then, a little girl in the next booth exclaimed "It's my birthday, too!" She wanted me to sing to her, also! So I sang the birthday song that we all know to her and she was so happy! The wait staff really liked the music and the singing made me happy, too!

I have 3 full length recordings to date. My "Journey into the Present" CD was produced by Cross Keys Recording of Reading, Pennsylvania. This CD was made possible through a group of private investors to whom I am eternally grateful.

"The Language of Angels" CD was recorded at Angel Mountain Studios in Bethlehem, Pa. and engineered by Carl Cadden-James.  "Eternal Remembrance", a full-length cassette, was recorded and produced by Gina Balducci at Raspberry Recording in Bethlehem, Pa.

My song "Every Child is a Blessing" was commissioned by the Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem, Pa. and was used in a short film about Children's Ministries. This media piece won the Polly Bond National Award of Excellence and was distributed widely. I also have written many children's songs and am planning to create s full-length recording of that work.

I have been singing in so many beautiful places to so many beautiful faces throughout the world for 30 years now! And I especially want to sing in places that are acoustically designed for sound so that my chants and songs can take on their very mystical quality as they flow through the spaces. Some of my songs are in English and some are in a special spiritual language that I believe is the language of the angels. This has been revealed to me by God and the Angel Gabriel in my prayers and dreams. My record label is St. Gabriel Records.

These special chants are designed to bring hope and healing to people, animals and plants. I have sung them in hospitals, homes and houses of worship and in nature. There are many beautiful healings that have occurred through the angel songs. I have appeared on national television on FOCUS in New Orleans and regional television Super 2. My work has been featured in regional newspapers as well. I have written radio spots and been featured on the Lehigh Valley NPR radio show "Lighten Up", created by Mary Ann Linde of Bethlehem, Pa.

You can listen to my songs on my music page and at the top of the website banner. My CDs are  "Journey into the Present" and "The Language of Angels". I hope that you will feel God's Healing Presence as you listen to my songs. You can order my CDs and digital downloads at and

 "It is our responsibility to bring harmony into our daily encounters. 

We are the only ones who can make our planet whole and free.

When we see the face of God in each human face,

then we understand heaven." mjs 

I am very devoted to Interfaith Education and Sensitivity issues. I have worked closely with faith leaders from many traditions and have found tremendous wisdom and friendships with them. I am a Christian and follow Jesus Christ to the best of my ability. I do this in an expansive, loving way and find God within each person I meet. I also serve as the Interfaith Chaplain for the Greater Lehigh Valley American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and help with the annual "Out of the Darkness" Walkathon. This role is a special one to me as I strive to comfort those who search for meaning and hope in life after such heavy loss. 

For six years, I was the Coordinator for the Parkland High School Baccalaureate Service for our Seniors in Allentown, Pa. We created an Interfaith Celebration with participants and leaders from the Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Sikh communities. Everyone loved the interfaith educational and musical arts aspect of the service. Also, we share words of encouragement from each tradition and read the sacred texts of each tradition in English and in the native language in which it was written. As a result of this Interfaith Celebration, I was asked to be a consultant to the Parkland School District's Multi-Cultural Steering Committee in matters regarding the impact that a student's religious life may have on their school academics and extra-curricular activities.

I have also  worked with the Institute for Jewish-Christian Understanding at Muhlenberg College and the Prejudice Reduction Conferences for middle school and high school students.



I work with first and second generation Holocaust survivors to help teach young people the dangers of prejudice and elitism. We strive to assist the students in standing up for what is right in their own lives and schools and build themselves to be individuals of strong character. This learning to appreciate and understand people from all traditions and cultures brings hope for a world free of prejudice. 


"My family is the heartbeat of my soul." mjs

I am a mother of two beautiful young adults, Michael and Carey Humes. Michael is a Professional Firefighter and also worked with the Humane Society rescuing animals. Carey is a licensed Elementary School Teacher and currently works as a kindergarten teacher in Pennsylvania. Both of my children are spiritual and deeply caring. I am deeply honored to be their mother and love them so very much. I truly appreciate all their love and support!




I was born in Elyria, Ohio and and also lived in Elmhurst, Illinois as a little girl. Our family moved to Pennsylvania as I was starting second grade and I have lived in the Lehigh Valley ever since.  

I have four brothers and four sisters and a large extended family. My parents  taught us to be kind and strong. Christmas at my house now includes over 60 family members! Wow! What a strong heartbeat of the soul I have! Also, my family and I are blessed with many beautiful friends and neighbors from all walks of life and from many countries. I love them All!

And I send love and prayers out to you, my global extended family. We are Children of God the Creator and so we are related! Let us step forward in courage and hope, ready to become our very best and to work together to bring our world to its highest creation! We can make our world what we dream of when we decide to break free from old ideas of defeat and truly commit ourselves to transformative possibilities!!!

You can check my Testimonials/Recommendations page for some comments from those whom I have served in my work. May you be blessed and always remember that you are a blessing!!!!

Blue Sky Chaplain Programs are a component of FOCUS International

(Friends of Children United to Save International)

a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.