Many people talk about their dreams as though they are outside of themselves, somewhere far away, somewhere in the distant future: “Someday I will… someday maybe I…” Do you  realize that THE DREAM IS YOU?

Each human being is a cherished  idea, a possibility, a creation that has come into reality through a beautiful Higher Plan. The Divine Mind held you in thought as a dream from the beginning of time and you are the fulfillment of that dream! Think about that for a minute. Yes, you already are the fulfillment of that dream! Just as you are today, you are this dream that has come to pass!

Nothing you will ever have and nothing you will ever do will make you more important than you are right now! Yes, there is much to achieve, hope for, adventure into, and experience, but none of it will increase your inherent value. You already hold an infinite amount of value to the Dreamer that dreamed you.

Your parents co-partnered with the Divine Dream and when your mother carried you within her, she carried this dream into completion. At your birth, the dream became reality. And yet, at your birth, a new dream began. The infinite possibilities of all that lay within you to express and become broke free.  You, the dream, began to unfold, become and bloom. So many experiences and learning opportunities, people to meet, places to go, art to see and create, sports to entire creation to embrace, to wrap your arms around.

Being like Christ is to live following Jesus Christ's lead in all aspects of our being. Living in the awareness that all people are our neighbors is part of this journey to Christ consciousness. Jesus told us to love our neighbor as ourselves. This helps us to realize that we are one with our neighbors, as Jesus is one with all of us and sees all people as His own to be called to the Father. Whether we are fully aware of the profoundness of that directive lies in how closely we are living in Christ-mindedness and Christ-heartedness.

Every moment that we breathe brings a new opportunity for choosing life and all that it offers. We can choose to see beauty and purpose and strive to participate in the continuous Creation of God or we can sit back and just see the bad and disappointing aspects of life. Choose Life!! Choose action! Choose purpose!! Reach out to the world with loving intentions and you will be surprised at how much response you will receive! People are waiting for each other to show love and compassion. Be the one to love first, forgive first, see the good first! As Gandhi said "Let us be the change we wish to see in the world!".

We all like to think of special days in our lives and certainly life does have moments that stand out above the others. And yet, there is beauty and meaning in the everyday, in the smaller moments of life. And though life is full of changes, it is often the things that remain the same that give us solace when we need it most. Though people seek excitement and this can bring growth and development, there are some things that we don’t want to change; Grandma’s apple pie, our mother’s face and outstretched arms, the cozy ice cream shop on the corner in our hometown, the blooming pink tree in our neighbor’s front yard.

Knowing that nothing is more important than compassion -
No theory, no religion,
No art, no project,
No idea, no country,
No ego, no division,
No wealth, no property.
Without compassion and dignity shown to each and every person
There is only the illusion of progress.

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