We all like to think of special days in our lives and certainly life does have moments that stand out above the others. And yet, there is beauty and meaning in the everyday, in the smaller moments of life. And though life is full of changes, it is often the things that remain the same that give us solace when we need it most. Though people seek excitement and this can bring growth and development, there are some things that we don’t want to change; Grandma’s apple pie, our mother’s face and outstretched arms, the cozy ice cream shop on the corner in our hometown, the blooming pink tree in our neighbor’s front yard.

Our yearning for newness, coupled with our desire to find security in the known, can make life an interesting mix of comfort and thrills. I find that as the years continue, I am as happy with the samenesses as I am with the new experiences. I have come to realize that each moment and each experience brings a fulfillment of it’s own, whether it’s looking at a favorite photograph of my children for the hundredth time or driving into a new city for a singing or speaking engagement for an audience of wonderful people whom I will meet for the first time.

As far as my children’s photograph, I can never look at it often enough. They are my beloved children and I love to gaze upon their faces again and again, seeing the beauty of their souls and love in their eyes. My love for them is always the same and quite well-known by me and yet, I find the love that I have for them to be ever growing. And in every new city, though there is an excitement in the newness, there is a deeper sense of something familiar in my spirit. I think it is because the hearts of the people wherever I go are going to be the same - hearts looking for love and healing, hoping for direction, searching for meaning and waiting for inspiration.

The nature and the architecture in these cities may be different - the trees may flower or grow coconuts, the streets may be narrow or wide, but the need is always the same - people are seeking to experience the fullness of life. Sometimes this fullness happens when we partake Grandma’s pie and sometimes by climbing the highest mountain. There is a need in life for the new and the familiar. Go to a place with a beautiful new view, take along a peanut butter ’n jelly sandwich and let yourself enjoy the moment!



Anthony William Sabella September 28, 2011 @07:28 pm Children are you just in small packages

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