Being like Christ is to live following Jesus Christ's lead in all aspects of our being. Living in the awareness that all people are our neighbors is part of this journey to Christ consciousness. Jesus told us to love our neighbor as ourselves. This helps us to realize that we are one with our neighbors, as Jesus is one with all of us and sees all people as His own to be called to the Father. Whether we are fully aware of the profoundness of that directive lies in how closely we are living in Christ-mindedness and Christ-heartedness.

We are called to move beyond our familiar comfort zone as we are called to Christ-likeness. This impacts a person's ministry in a big way as we reflect and plan on the direction in which God is calling us to serve. As we offer the transformative love of Jesus Christ as we walk in His footsteps, we bring His transformative healing power to every life we encounter, regardless of their particular faith journey. This is a special kind of evangelization, the kind that speaks volumes as others witness our love for Christ in our love for every neighbor of every faith.

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