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This song is part of my "Journey Into the Present" CD and is sung in an inspired language. I call it the language of the angels because that is what has been revealed to me through my dreams, my prayers and my heart. The Angel Gabriel and my beloved Mother came in a dream with a message for me from God about this music. I have always had a special affinity for the angels and all the beautiful souls that are part of the heavens. Let the music speak to your heart and take you on a journey of the soul. You can order this song or the complete CD at

Marian Johnson



"You Are Never Alone" speaks to our deepest need to be loved and encouraged, especially in a time of great need or loss. Let the words reassure you that your loved one is very near and that separation from them is just an illusion. "My love is always in the air you breathe, my love is always in the sun that shines. You are never, never alone, I am here." It can also represent our connection to the Divine and convey the reassurance that Creator is all around us, even in our most desperate times. This song is also part of my "Journey Into the Present" CD and can be purchased as an individual download or as part of the CD at

Marian Johnson


"Donna Bella" means "beautiful woman" in Italian. This song came to me as a gift from the heavens. Marty began to play the piano, and as he did, I saw a vision of a young woman walking down the street of a beautiful, hilly village in Italy, who was deeply in love but had been separated from her beloved due to some tragic life circumstance. The melody emerged from Marty's first notes and as I sang, I became the young woman, walking through the village and I felt her thoughts and her yearning to be reunited with her beloved. As her life continues, the young woman becomes even more beautiful and understands life and love more deeply. In a surprising, sweet moment, when she least expects it, she finds love again. This song is also part of my "Journey into the Present" CD and can be purchased in the full-length album or as a digital download at

Marian Johnson


I was asked to write this song by my friend, John Danner, for the 5 year anniversary and memorial program of 9/11 in Washington, D.C. at the National Cathedral. John was helping to coordinate the event with other faith leaders in the D.C. area. Becuase of all of my years working with children and the beauty I see in each face and soul, the faith differences of each one melt away as I strive to empower each one to find their true voice.

I wrote this song from that perspective, that through the children gathering, playing and working together - our world will find hope and healing. God has One Heart and we all live within it. You can order this song as an individual song or as part of "Journey into the Present" CD at

Please go to to hear more samples of my music from "Journey into the Present" and to to listen to "The Language of Angels" chants. May you be blessed and give your blessings of love to others!



St. Gabriel Records is named after the heavenly messenger that God sent to lead and protect me on this beautiful journey. I offer all my music to bring hope and healing to the world.

My newest CD is Marian & Martin "Journey into the Present". You can purchase the hard copy CD disc for $14.99, digitally download the entire album for $8.91 or digitally download individual songs for only $.99 each at

"Journey into the Present" is designed to bring personal healing and spiritual empowerment to all who listen. My hope is that as each person listens to my songs, he or she will feel loved, supported and more able to offer his/her unique gifts to the world. My songs are sung in the English language and in my Angel language. I humbly believe that God uses my voice to bring a message to each heart and I am so grateful for that honor.

My other full-length CD, Marian Schappell "The Language of Angels", can be purchased as a digital album for $7.92 or by downloading individual songs for $.99 each at This CD is original healing chant and is sung acapella. 

Currently, there are approximately 5,000 copies of my CDs and audio recordings in circulation throughout the world. You can also find my songs for sale on, and various music retail websites.

You can listen to a few of my songs a little further down on this page! When you go to the CD Baby websites listed earlier or on Itunes, you can hear more samples of my music.


The Story of My Music:

I have been singing since I was a little girl. I have always found safety and comfort while singing. Here is a little information about my childhood.

I am one of nine children born to loving Irish Catholic parents and have four brothers and four sisters. My father, Robert, was a beautiful and caring man and I remember his kindness in the depths of my heart. My father was a man of principle, honesty, compassion and vision. He left this world suddenly when he was 47 years old. I was seven. Our mother, Betty, and all of his children missed him terribly. It was challenging, but our mother raised us on her own with an incredible amount of support from her brother, Andrew, and all of our wonderful aunts, uncles and a surviving grandmother. When my father died, we lived in Chicago. Afterwards, we moved back to Pennsylvania to be near our extended family.

My mother had a inexhaustible faith in God. She taught us to give, to love, to work, to study, to be courageous, to have integrity and to be the very best we could so that we could contribute to the world and be happy. My father taught us that, too, before he left us. My father and mother had came from two small mining towns in Pennsylvania and had lived through the Great Depression. To them, the development of our character was imperative and we learned about God in a Christian home environment while attending Catholic grade school and high school. Each of us went on to college and post-graduate degrees except for my sweet little special needs sister, Eileen, who has her own wisdom of life.

My mother also went back to college while raising us and finished a four year degree in Elementary Education as she  had received a two year degree as a young woman. She then completed a Master's degree as a Reading specialist. My mother accomplished this while working as a teacher in a Catholic elementary school and raising all of us. her wisdom, kindness and love was knowm by all she encountered and she helped hundreds of children and adults as well.

I sang softly wherever I went, even when I was alone in my backyard or when the family would go for a drive to get ice cream. I remember opening the window and singing softly into the wind, thinking that no one could really hear me, because the wind carried my voice away! Singing was my secret companion that always brought me comfort.

Sometimes, I sang in a special language that came from my heart. I wasn't sure what language it was but I found comfort in it. As my unfolded, that special language receded into the recesses of my heart, and real life took my attention. I still sang often but not in my special language.

My mother was so very good to us in every imaginable way, but singing lessons were not on the budget, so I had to learn to sing in the school chorus and church folk group. I listened to other singers that I liked and tried to teach myself to sing like them. I was occasionally chosen for a school or church solo, but the recognition I longed for did not appear. Because I had not had much formal training, I did not feel that I could major in voice in college, though looking back, I realize that I may have been able to do so.

The rest of the story in a long one and perhaps, one day, I will write a book about the journey. If you would like to read more about how I sing today, just click and read the page "About Marian and Her Mission".

Just know that it is never too late or too hard to realize your dreams. We are ageless and eternal souls living in these human bodies that have a particular age. Our spirit has no age and it is never too late to achieve your heart's desire. God placed these dreams inside of you and ony you can  persevere and bring them forward.

I have come to understand that my special language is the language of the angels and meant to bring healing and comfort to people of all religions, countries, races, ages and walks of life. These angel songs and my songs in English are written to bring hope and encouragment to your soul. I hope my music will fill your spirit with a knowing of your preciousness to God. I see the beautiful soul that you are and invite to "Journey into the Present" with me!

Never give up what God has placed in your heart. The most important dream in life is to be the person of love and goodness that God made you to be. We are a family, a team, and each person's uniqueness and beauty must be respected and included. Make part of your dream to also help other's to achieve theirs and the world's doors will swing wide to you IN TIME. Perhaps, one day, my music will be known more fully throughout the world the way I have dreamed it would be since I was a child. I would love my music to be part of a movie soundtrack or sing at a international event so that it could bring healing to the world on a larger scale. But for me, the most important part of the dream is to continue to love all those around me and to sing a song of love for life! Each of you are the world to me!