"Donna Bella"

Marian Johnson


"Donna Bella" means "beautiful woman" in Italian. This song came to me as a gift from the heavens. Marty began to play the piano, and as he did, I saw a vision of a young woman walking down the street of a beautiful, hilly village in Italy, who was deeply in love but had been separated from her beloved due to some tragic life circumstance. The melody emerged from Marty's first notes and as I sang, I became the young woman, walking through the village and I felt her thoughts and her yearning to be reunited with her beloved. As her life continues, the young woman becomes even more beautiful and understands life and love more deeply. In a surprising, sweet moment, when she least expects it, she finds love again. This song is also part of my "Journey into the Present" CD and can be purchased in the full-length album or as a digital download at http://cdbaby.com/cd/marianmartin.