Minister for Global Spirituality

Spiritual Direction & Musical Healing for Our Planet

Weddings, Blessings & Life Ceremonies



Rev. Marian Johnson, M.A.

Interfaith Minister

"The Blue Sky Chaplain"

My mission as an ordained interfaith minister is to inspire each human being to develop to their highest spiritual self and to treat all with compassion and dignity. I like to think of this as bringing spirituality into global awareness that moves beyond religions. I am a Christian and follow Jesus' teachings to "love one another as I have loved you."

All the Ceremonies of Life that I assist you with are centered on love and the beauty of all those involved! Weddings, Renewal of Vows, Baby and Child Blessings, House Blessings and Life Memorials are individually designed to celebrate your heart and your unique spiritual journey.

My Healing Music CDs and Concerts are created to bring hope, healing and inspiration to your heart so that you become fully aware of God's Dynamic Presence in your life. In this way, you can step into the Garden of Life in the present moment and live fully one day at a time!

The Individual Spiritual Direction that I offer can bring light and nourishment to your divine seed so that you can grow to your full potential! 


"Most Compassionate One, Most Benevolent One,

teach us to see the seed in every tree.

In all humanity, the truth is there to see -

we are all in love, all in You, there is no division.

One Heart, One Mind,

Together, we can bring healing to our world with compassionate vision and devoted effort. The Divine Creator God breathed life into each one of us and has a purpose for creating the uniqueness of each person. His Huge Heart can hold us all, My book, Come Into the Vineyard and other writing can assist you to discover and embrace the beauty that God has placed within you.

My Workshops and Speaking Engagements in Interfaith Sensitivity, Children's Spirituality and Finding Our True Voice can empower us to embrace ourselves and continue to increase our understanding of others whose traditions and generations may differ from our own.

May the seeds of love continue to grow in our hearts and may we plant gardens in every corner of the world. May every child know peace, may every adult know truth and may every elder know our respect. May we all live in love and create a blessing with our lives here on Earth.


"Night turns into morning, dawn turns into day.

Walking in the garden, I can hear my Savior calling:

'This is the moment, this is the day,

this is the moment that you've been praying for'." 

(C) mjs  This is the Moment

Your spirit and your prayers have brought you to this moment. Now is the time to bring forth all of our gifts and talents to the world! This is the day that we can work as a team to heal our planet! 

I offer my music, wedding and other life ceremonies, spiritual counseling, workshops and writing to create a garden of peace that unites us around the world, one beautiful soul at a time. We are not alone, not ever. We are all part of God's Heart and we need to stay connected. I love you all, my family and frien


Blue Sky Chaplain Programs are a component of  FOCUS International

(Friends of Children United to Save International)

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