Marian's books are being completed 

and will be available soon:

Come Into the Vineyards:

Spiritual Thoughts to Guide Your Heart

Some excerpts from Marian's book:

"The time of division and superiority is past. We must all come together with our talents and resources and work as allies for healing our world. Let us set the standard that the value of each being is an undeniable truth. Let us expand our awareness and see the beauty in all."  (c) 2011 mjs

"When the elders speak words of wisdom, let us listen. We can learn so much from those who walk the path of life before us."  (c) 2011 mjs

"The beauty of life must be seen with the heart. The mind will often focus on the negative. Boldly turn your heart's gaze to see the good!!!" (c) 2011 mjs

"The world is full of mysteries. Sometimes, it is better to have no answer than one that confines possibilities. I prefer mystery to an answer that stifles the heart of the seeker. There is still so much wisdom to uncover."  (c) 2011 mjs

"Each human being is a cherished idea, a possibility, a creation that has come into reality through a beautiful Higher Plan. The Divine Mind of God held you in thought as a dream from the beginning of time and you are the fulfillment of that dream! Just as you are today, you are this dream that has come to pass! Nothing you will ever have or do will make you more important than you are right now!"  (c) 2011 mjs

"Today, tell the people close to you that you love them. Call someone that you haven't spoken with for a long time who was once a special part of your life and thank them for their love. There are different chapters to our lives and various people that touch our lives in the journey....some for a time and some forever. Reach out and tell them you remember them dearly." (c) 2011 mjs

Caterpillars Are For Loving

"Inside the heart of every caterpillar lives the butterfly and inside the heart of every butterfly lives the caterpillar. Both are needed. Both are important and valuable."  (c) 2011 mjs

Nourishing Divine Seeds:

Spiritual Exercises to Guide Children and Adolescents

A Resource Book of how to approach children and adolescents to embrace and develop their spirituality including philosphy with daily and weekly exercises 

The Little Girl and the Rose Garden

This is the story of a little girl and her promise to the flowers, trees, brook and animals in a special rose garden.

Eternity in the Sunflowers

Sunflowers grow and speak together while still in the soil and celebrate life as they emrge and grow in the sun!


Please check back for release dates.