Prayers of Love, Hope and Healing


My prayers are for various needs and situations. Some are interfaith prayers and some are faith-specific. I will be posting more prayers soon.

A Blessing Prayer  

  by Marian J. Johnson 2011  

May God's blessings be ever within you and upon you.

May your loving presence be a blessing to others.  

May you know that love is the essence of all.  

May you strive all your days to live as love requires.

 May all those whom you encounter feel encouraged

 simply because you entered the room.

 In God's name, we pray. Amen.


Interfaith Prayer for Healing:

The Loss of a Loved One

 by Marian J. Johnson (adapted from my 2007 version)

Most Compassionate One, Most Benevolent One, Creator of All Life, we raise our voices and hearts to you. We ask that you be with us in this time of remembrance. Our beloved ones have moved on from this world, yet we continue to love them and look for them in the quiet of the morning, in the hush of the night, in the busyness of the day. Those whom we love can never leave our hearts; we long to hear their voices and hold them close to us.

Help us understand that though we cannot see our loved ones with our earthly eyes, that they are forever known and seen by you, and that they can see us clearly. Help us to know that they live on with You and have found the everlasting, sustaining peace that heals every heart and wipes away every tear as they join the community of heaven.

We ask for you to always protect our loved ones in the palm of your hand and in the bosom of your heart. Let no sadness pass their way again.

Help us to continue on in our journey of life, renewing our spirits so that we may truly embrace our lives and look to a bright future. Let us know that we do not leave our loved ones behind as we move forward, but that as their eyes are opened to their true spiritual nature, they now accompany us as guardians from the spiritual realm. Let us continue to have a meaningful relationship with them, but in a new, mystical way.

Dear Creator of us all, we pray in total confidence. We thank you now for the many healings and blessings that are already being sent to us in this moment of great need. Amen.

Interfaith Prayer for Life II  

by Marian J. Johnson 2008

Written for the Greater Lehigh Valley Chapter of the National Suicide Prevention Association  

Dearest Creator, we come to you today to rededicate ourselves to being advocates for life. In remembering our loved ones who struggled for peace in their lives, we are determined to affirm their innate beauty and value. Regardless of how their battle ended, their struggle teaches us how precious each life is. Although they did not realize their meaning to us and to themselves in this world, we are confident that Your lovingkindness has healed them and brought them home.

You, God,  were lonely for companionship, and so you created us.  We have always existed in the depths of your heart. One by one, you birthed us into the world and one by one, you will bring us back into your heart, to live eternally with you.  The ending that we see here on earth is just a transition.  The veil that separates us from our loved ones seems to be a heavy one, and yet, it is just a mist that the light of faith can penetrate. 

You are Love, O God, and love never ends.  And no matter how deep the pain was that took our loved ones to a place of despair,  to a place where You seemed absent, Your Angels were there to bring your child home to your comforting arms and loving acceptance. Our loved ones live eternally with you, as this is your intention for each one of us. One day we will all embrace one another again.

Help us to forgive them, O God, for leaving us in the way that they did. Help us to forgive You for what we feel You did not do. Help us to forgive ourselves for what we feel we could have done differently. Bring healing to us in our time of crisis, a time when we question so much, and look for answers we cannot find. 

Reassure us that you will grace us with the strength and courage we need to continue on in life, not just surviving, but truly living with hope and purpose. Help us to know that now, our loved ones have healing, and are with You, encouraging us to see the true beauty and power of life, because their pain is lifted. Help us to know that our loved ones want for us what they now have but did not know here on this earth – that we are all created for love, for good, for a purpose. Let us all walk together, encouraging and upbuilding one another, and let us be a comfort to all whom we meet on the journey.  

In Your Holy Heart may we always find refuge and protection. In Your Holy Name, God, we pray. Amen.

A Prayer for Gracie:  

A Christian Prayer for Healing

by Marian J. Johnson, October 2009

This prayer was written for a beloved little girl who is very dear to me who was very sick. Gracie did fully recover and is a healthy, happy 6 year old little girl now.  You can pray this prayer by place the name of your loved one who needs healing where Gracie's name is, and you can pray this prayer for yourself by saying it in the first person. ) 

We confidently claim Gracie's healing now! We receive her healing in Jesus Christ's mighty name. With God, all things are possible, and so we know Gracie is receiving her healing and that all the doctors, nurses, technicians, medicines, technical equipment are infused with the Divine Presence of Jesus Christ, the Ultimate Physician and Healer!

Let us place our full trust in God Almighty and agree together that Gracie’s total healing - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually - is upon her now...that the Great Power of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter rests upon her and breathes the mighty Breath of God into every cell of her body.

"LIVE, GRACIE, LIVE" we shout in Jesus’ Name. We thank you, O God, we praise you for your mighty healing! This is the day the Lord has made. Amen.

With Great Love and Confidence in His Promises,
Chaplain Marian Schappell  10/27/09 11:30 p.m.

“Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.” Matthew 18:19

A Christmas Prayer

by Marian J. Johnson, Christmas 2007

Dear Heavenly Creator, Father of All Lights, Maker of All that Lives, we come before you today with open hearts and outstretched arms to receive the blessings of Christmas. We gather here with special friends to encourage one another and to reclaim the dream of peace on earth, goodwill towards all people.  In a special way at Christmas, we are called to follow the Divine star and find the babe in the manger - to experience a miracle of innocence and great possibility being born in our hearts anew.    

Let us become like little children again and let our eyes be able to truly see the Spirit of Christmas, the Spirit of God, in everyone we meet and in our deepest selves, for the Spirit of Christmas is God’s Love. We are made in God’s image, and so we carry His love with us just as Mary carried the child Jesus.  Let us be love and hope and peace and joy to one another. Let us hear the angels sing, today and every day.  

Oh, Most Loving God, bless all of us who gather here in this place on Christmas. Let us take one another’s hands, moving forward into the future, confident that we will care for one another as we continue on our journey. Bless our food and let it bring sustenance of body, mind and soul. We pray in confidence to You in your Most Holy Name.  Amen.