Weddings, Ceremonies and Concerts


My Interfaith Chaplain Ministry includes officiating at weddings and leading ceremonies of all kinds. Through ceremonies, we take time to celebrate the most special moments in our journeys. I will customize each ceremony or service to reflect your life philosophy. I believe in love and I honor the path you are taking! 


Please see my profile and reviews on The Knot Website:

There are many other Ceremonies I would be honored to assist you with. They include -

Renewal of Vows

Healing Prayer Services

Blessings and/or Baptisms for Babies & Children  

House Blessings

Pet Blessings

Celebration of Life Services 

Blessings for Couples, Children, Families and Homes

Memorial Services

Concerts as Singer/Songwriter & Recording Artist



I have been singing since childhood and have always found great solace in singing. First, I sang alone quietly and eventually, I sang for others. My music is designed to bring hope and comfort, empowering the listener to find encouragement for their life journey.

I am available for Appearances as -

Artist for Full Concert

Soloist for Wedddings & Special Occasions

Original Songwriting for Special Occasions