Blue Sky Chaplain Marian Johnson, M.A.

Workshops and Speaking Engagements 


Currently, I have several different workshops and speaking topics available. If you need a program on a different topic, just contact me and I can create one to meet your needs. My programs are designed to be educational, interactive and enjoyable for all participants. My training in pastoral care allows me to assist you in learning about various aspects of spirituality from an educational perspective and in guiding you in your own spiritual journey.

I continue to work with other Interfaith-sensitive leaders to offer these

workshops as we all work to understand our commonalities and our differences. I speak about developing our spirituality that moves beyond religion. I also partner with spiritual practitioners in various subject areas, such as meditation, yoga and other natural healing methods. 

All of the speaking engagements and workshops can be customized to help you meet your group's needs and goals. The costs for the programs are created by considering the  number of participants and length of progam. Contact Blue Sky Chaplain to create something that will improve lives!


1. Understanding the Spirituality of Children & Adolescents:

     How to Engage and Empower the Soul of a Child  (See outline below)

2. Restorative Self-Care for Those Who Serve in Career or Family Life

3. Interfaith Awareness and Sensitivity in the School Setting

5. How to Create a High School Interfaith Baccalaureate Celebration

4. Interfaith Etiquette & Sensitivity in the Workplace

5. Finding Your Soul's True Voice

6. Forgiving God, Ourselves and Others: Path to a New Beginning


Educational and Interactive Training for Youth Faith Leaders

Understanding the Spirituality 

of Children & Adolescents:

How to Engage and Empower

the Soul of a Child  

Session One: Pastoral Healing Care/Model Philosophy and Method

  1. 1. Setting Intention toward Healing for the Child
  2.     or Adolescent
  3. 2. Offering Healing Presence
  4. 3. Listening with Unconditional Love
  5. 4. Affirming Free Will, Dignity and the Right to Present Emotional State
  6. 5. Using Creative Action to bring forth New Possibilities & Thinking-  
  7.     Utilize music, art, dance, sacred texts and community service
  8. 6. Praying with Confidence through Spiritual Agreement – utilize words,
  9.     song and movement
  10. 7. Receiving New Spiritual Development
  11. 8. Supporting the Healing Process
  12. 9. Affirming Change and Character Development
  13. 10. Living with New Spiritual Awareness

Session Two: Model Resources, Exercises and Materials

  1. 1. Discussion regarding Bibliography of Select Books, CDs, Movies,     
  2.    Sacred Texts and other Sacred Art Resource Material
  3. 2. Hands-On/Interactive Teaching of Interfaith and General Spirituality  
  4.     Group Exercises
  5. 3. Hands-On/Interactive Teaching of “Present Time” Individual Exercises
  6. 4. Instructions regarding how to organize and lead large Interfaith
  7.     Services with Guest Community Faith Leaders
  8. 5. Instructions regarding how to develop and implement Community  
  9.     Service Projects that are Interfaith and Ecumenical

    (c) Created by Blue Sky Chaplain Marian Schappell, M.A. 2011

Blue Sky Chaplain Programs are a component of  FOCUS International

(Friends of Children United to Save International)

a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.